Our aim is to improve the lives of the children and young people of Nechells, Birmingham – simple!

Every single thing that we do at free@last is purposefully aimed at improving lives, whether a youth club or a golf tournament, everything focuses and supports our work on making a difference to our children’s lives. However, if we only provide services to enable and equip our children for change, we will not be truly effective, so we work with all ages and people in our community – ‘it takes a whole village to raise each child’!


The heart and soul of free@last is focused on the children and young people in Nechells, with the aim of broadening their horizons through a wide range of opportunities and unconditional support to help them through the difficulties they face on a daily basis. We are a needs led organisation that builds positive and meaningful relationships with the children and young people.

Through these relationships we are able to constantly adapt and develop our work to reflect the desires and dreams of those we are here to serve.


Supporting teenagers has been the core work of free@last since it’s inception, providing activities, new opportunities and specialised services for those in our community. 

From surfing to sexual health, creative arts to camping, employment skills to extreme activities, we have had great fun working with hundreds of young people, and seeing them grow and evolve into positive and active members of our community.


Our family work has reflected a wide variety of needs, from providing opportunities for whole families to spend quality time together, to meeting basic human needs. We value family life and work hard to enable our families to overcome their challenges together, have fun together and create new memories together. 

Sometimes tough love is required and at other times it’s food or a shoulder to cry on, but together we journey on the same path and are always ready when called upon.


At free@last we believe that ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’ and by this we mean that everyone in Nechells (or who has a responsibility or influence in our neighbour) has a part to play in eradicating poverty. Just working with a child or young person in isolation can only offer a limited amount of opportunity and support. However, working with their whole family, neighbours, local businesses, statutory agencies and other voluntary organisations, enables a more strategic and effective response to challenge and changing the things that need to be changed for improvement.