Young Entrepreneurial Business

About The Project

The Entrepreneurial Programme is an annual event that enables 88 Year 6 pupils to compete against each other to create a new product, design it, make a prototype, record a commercial and deliver a pitch to a panel of judges.

Each group of children work with businessmen and women, who help direct their creativity and complete the task, hoping to claim the prize trophy of this year’s winners. This programme gives a wonderful insight into entrepreneurialism, creativity, product design and business, exposing the children to opportunities they would not have for many years to come.

Return On Investment

The main benefit of this product is the entrepreneurial creativity and insight to business, for primary aged children.

Supporting this project provides an opportunity for your company to engage with the children by being one or more of the group leaders, through to the media build up and reporting of this unique project, encouraging business entrepreneurialism for the very young.

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    Purchase can either be 100% or shared between 2 businesses

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