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About The Project

Have you watched Britain’s Got Talent and seen the youth choirs, dance groups and other performers, and listened to their stories?

The one thing they all have in common is their sense of belonging and unity. This is a project that provides a route for our talented young people to develop their skills and perform and/or compete.

Today’s young people are subjected (or choose to be subjected) to musical lyrics that are sexually explicit, degrading (particularly to women) and have lyrics that include violence, drug use/ dealing and gangster lifestyles pictured as normality. We do not want our young people to just sing, we are inspiring them to challenge the ‘norm’ and create positive
lyrics that inspire others, increase their sense of worth and improve their self-value.

Return On Investment

The main benefit of this product is the impact on our young people through creating a creative sense of belonging, an opportunity to perform and an exposure to the world outside of Nechells, travelling around the world to sing.

Supporting this project provides many opportunities for your company to engage with the young people and those who they perform to. You will be able to promote your business and if the desire is there, to join with many aspects of the choir’s journey, as they travel around the country to perform.

  • Product Cost

    £5,000 for 12 months

  • Cost Share

    Purchase can either be 100% or shared between 2 businesses

  • Anticipated social impact value


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