About The Project

Providing an easy access for all people to engage with the centre and all our activities.

Starting at Reception, with easy login (or a holographic receptionist!) and then a virtual tour/route around the centre for everyone to know where they are going (and include safety features, like fire exits etc.). Then in each room having interaction with MR to inspire people to use the equipment we have.

E.g., in the Independent Living Flat we can show autistic young people how to cook, wash and iron etc. independently! In the DJ booth MR can teach them to DJ and how to develop their business skills for becoming a professional career DJ. In the entrepreneurial workshop we can use MR to teach young people how to use our craft tools (soap making, t-shirt Printing, 3D printing, jewellery making etc). and then how to develop these skills into a money-making initiative.

Return On Investment

The main benefit of this product is significantly addressing the problem of digital inequality, in the most innovative way.

Supporting this project provides many opportunities for your company to engage with local people, during the development, education and learning,as well as the promotion of this use of technology as the way forward for all public buildings.

  • Product Cost


  • Cost Share

    Purchase can either be 100% or shared between several businesses

  • Anticipated social impact value

    £3,137,160, for 10 people at £6,033 per week, per year.

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