free@last is an award winning, innovative, and unique organisation, improving the needs of the children and young people in the inner-city of birmingham for over 21 years.

Receiving the Queens Award for Voluntary Service and the West Midlands High SHERIFF Award for Inspiration shows our quality and can give you confidence that your investment and corporate purchases are risk free, credible and make a significant difference to the people in our community.

free@last each year support around 1,600 of the most vulnerable people in the country, 2,000 pairs of feet walk through the door, resulting in free@last providing a Social Value return of over £12.8 million; each person receiving a social benefit just shy of £8,000. Based on the 2020 accounts, this resulted in a 33-fold Return on Investment.

Social Value is putting a price on outcomes. What is the value of a young person rebuilding their confidence, or a family becoming debt free? Social Value enables organisations to put a financial figure on their work providing an alternative way of reporting their impact. The Social Value comprises the cost of local resources, the individual’s contribution back into society, burden on services such as the NHS, what they may pay back into society through voluntary hours, tax, etc.

This brochure will guide you through the variety of purchases available and the return on investment that you will receive. As a charity full of vision, creativity, and opportunity, we are always looking for ways to create new ventures that can meet your corporate needs and our aims too, so please contact us if you want to discuss other opportunities to partner and work together.


When you, as a business, buy a service or a product, you normally get something in return for the money you have spent, something to show for what you have invested in. When supporting free@last, you may not receive a physical product through the post, but you will receive a variety of returns on your investment, whether you are interested in our largescale events or supporting one of our young people into a new business. There are many ways in which we will thank you, and our intention is that our mutual relationship will benefit both sides along our journey together.

As standard, when you purchase from free@last,
you will receive the following:

  • A free@last wall plaque installed in your workplace, showing your staff and clients you support us.

  • Agreed social media plan, delivered on several platforms, including Linked In, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Access to our professional photographers to create superb imagery for the promotions.

  • Mutual links and updates on our website, and yours if appropriate, showing recognition of your support

  • Invites to all our other events and opportunities available to you and your team.

  • Featured in annual review.

  • Opportunities for you and your team to volunteer / work with our young people.

  • Opportunity to join our exclusive Club 3000.

  • Opportunity for us to promote your business across our corporate and business network.

  • Statistics of social value for the project you purchase, for you to use in your promotion.

Each purchase that you choose will also have more specific returns for your investment, and if you have any other needs and outcomes that are required, we are happy to discuss these with you.


We have a range of projects you can choose to invest in, follow the links below to find out more about them.