Corporate Purchasing

About The Project

As previously mentioned, people in poverty are less likely to have ‘mainstream’ tech devices (smartphones, laptops, printers, Alexa etc.), so a simple change is giving more tech away to them and teaching them how to use it.

We have many adults and young people (who have ‘slipped through the net’) with limited or no technical knowledge, and so we can run computer/ tech lessons – which are already
funded by the West Midlands Combined Authority and Greater Birmingham Local Enterprise Programme.

We just need the students, so a condition would be that they attend a course and receive a free laptop at the end.

Return On Investment

The main benefit of this product is addressing the problem of digital poverty, right at the core of where the problems hit hardest.

Supporting this project provides many opportunities for your company to engage with local people, during the education and learning, as well as the delivery of tech items to those who engage with the programme.

There will be 3 elements to this product, a) education, b) equipment, c) education! You will be able to promote your business and practically join with the sessions, hand over the tech and visit families to see how the technology is improving their lives.

  • Product Cost

    Element 1, education - £30,000 (although the courses are already provided by the education ‘system’, to get both them and the learners together is costly!)

    Element 2, the kit - £50,000 initially

    Element 3, education - £10,000

  • Cost Share

    Purchase can either be 100% or shared between several businesses.

  • Anticipated social impact value

    Based on the figures collected during Covid, the social value of this project could have been £5,026,189, an average of £2,413 per person.

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